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Toilet Not Flushing

On a weekly basis we receive phone call from householder telling us they have a plumbing problem and that their toilet will not flush. With our vast experience of these types of plumbing problems here are several reasons why this situation may arise.

Water problem

First I would check is the toilet cistern filling with enough water to completely flush the toilet. You can easily check the existing water level in the cistern yourself simply lift the lid and look inside. If there is no water present one of the following may be the problem, airlock, faulty ball valve or the water supply may be turned off.

Handle problem

Over time toilet handles may ware and just spin and stop working correctly. In other cases the cistern handle may be the problem when you press down on the handle nothing happens. One of the following may be the problem, broken handle, broken link mechanism or the link mechanism may be disconnected.

Push Button

Over time toilet push buttons can become loose and can stop working. Again the push button mechanism could be broken and when you press down on the button nothing happens. One of the following may be the problem, broken button or the wire mechanism may also be broken.

Siphon problem

With normal wear and tear on a toilet siphon the following may happen, again when you flush you toilet it will not flush. This time the toilet siphon is the problem sometimes the washer becomes damaged and the siphon fails to work. Depending on the type of siphon present in your toilet cistern they may become damaged from lime scale and again will not flush

Plumbing Parts

If your toilet has any of the defects listed above you may new plumbing parts to be fitted. Our vans carry a very large stock of plumbing parts and fittings enabling us to fix most toilets on our first visit. Thus saving you time and money as we do not have to travel to the suppliers to pick up parts and materials required.

Help is at hand

At emergency plumber swords we have no call out fee policy in the local Swords area of North County Dublin. We have no hidden fees or charges. We only charge the customer if we carry out any works. This usually takes the form of a time and materials basis. In most cases we would offer a quotation to the customer before any works are undertaken. Only if the customer is happy based on the quotation will works proceed.
We operate a fully transparent pricing system and our customer’s feedback tells us that we are one of the most competitive in the marketplace today.

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