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Burst Hot Water Cylinder

Do you have an old domestic hot water cylinder still present in your hot press? If your existing hot water cylinder is over 10 to 12 years old you should be thinking of replacing it, before it start leaking or even bursts.
If your existing hot water cylinder is leaking water this is something not to ignore. A water leak is usually a sign that your existing cylinder could be suffering from corrosion. If you live in a hard water area this can often lead to this type of corrosion.


Domestic Hot Water Cylinder Replacements

All types of domestic hot water cylinder replacements are now available. If you now have a plumbing emergency where you’re domestic hot water cylinder is now leaking, contact Kevin Farrelly mobile on 085 116 2474 for immediate response and assistance.

Emergency Plumber Swords offers the following services:

Capacity Litres
· 90 litres
· 120 litres
· 144 litres
· 166 litre

Factory Insulated Copper Cylinders

Typically this is one of the most popular types of hot water cylinder being installed in Ireland today. With its high factory insulated coating it offer a very high efficiency level and greatly reduces the stand losses suffered from an un-insulated unit. The factory insulated cylinder offer you lower heat losses approximately eight degrees over a 24 hour period. The factory insulated cylinder comes fitted with a quick recovery heating coil which allow for faster heat recovery times. The non-insulated version would have a standard heating coil fitted with approximately a one hour heat up time. Replacing your cylinder with a factory insulated type could save you up to 25% on your current energy bills as outlined above.

Open Vented Cylinders

The plumbing system connecting this cylinder is typically referred to as an open vented type. There is typically a cold water storage tank fitted in the attic, this then supplies water to the cylinder via a gravity feed. From the cylinder a hot water vent pipe run into the attic and terminates over the cold water storage tank.

Stainless Steel Cylinders

Stainless cylinders are now becoming more popular as a replacement option. They offer a very high level of efficiency and are good value for money.

Unvented Cylinders

This type of installation is often referred to as a pressurised system. It is feed directly from the mains water supply meaning it can deliver your hot water at a higher pressure. This improved performance will greatly improve your showering experience. This type of unit does not require a cold water storage tank which makes it very popular in certain situation.

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