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Rodent Inspection / Investigation

Species Of Rat

Let’s start with rat species; there are two main species of rat found in Ireland. One is brown in colour or referred to as the common rat. The second type is black in colour and referred to as the ship rat.

Signs Of Rodents

The most common signs of rodents are: if your pets are being disturbed, tracks, grease tracks, pellet droppings, urine markings, gnawing visible damage, burrows, runways and rat odours.

Pellet Droppings

If you discover dropping the more recent will be softer in texture than older material. Also the darker in colour than means the droppings are older. This coloration will help you determine if your rat population is a current problem. The more droppings you see the larger the rodent population is.

Rat Tracks

Look for footprints and also tail drags of rodents as they can be seen in dusty areas. Use dust like materials such as flour or baby powder and then lightly dust the suspicious area to see if rodents are using a particular runway. Also wet or moist soil will also show tracks of rodent activities. Rats usually have five toes on their hind feet also four toes on their front feet. It’s usually their hind feet that will leave the most visible tracks.

Why Should I Choose Emergency Plumber Swords?

We use state of the art specialised closed circuit cameras to inspect the inside of your sewer drains and storm water pipes for evidence of rats. Our CCTV drain camera is are able to reach normally all inaccessible areas this will determine whether you have broken, cracks were rats may enter the sewer lines. We can offer a complete package, full video, USB or email footage and full report.
At Emergency Plumber Swords all our plumbers are highly trained to work to the highest quality standards of workmanship. With all our vast plumbing experience, we are capable with dealing even the most complicated of rodent problems.
At Emergency Plumber Swords we have no call out fee policy in the local Swords and North County Dublin areas. We have no hidden fees or charges. We only charge the customer if we carry out any works. This usually takes the form of a time and materials basis. In most cases we would offer a quotation to the customer before any works are undertaken. Only if the customer is happy to proceed based on the quotation will works proceed.

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