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Tap Replacement

Have you a problem taps? The reality of this type of situation apart from the nuance factor you are also wasting lots of water. In the near future this will be costing you a lot of money, think because water conservation is a very live issue.
Have you any taps, kitchen sink, basin or bath suffering from any of the following problems,
Taps that are broken? Taps that are leaking?
Taps constantly dripping? Taps hard to turn On or Off? Taps that are loose? Tap heads that are spinning?


Tap Types

At Emergency Plumber Swords all types of replacement taps are now available. We supply and fit a large range of traditional taps also modern taps all designs to suit all tastes.

Kitchen taps
Sink taps
Bath mixer taps
Sink mixer taps
Basin taps
Pillar taps, Bath taps
Shower mixer taps
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