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Emergency Drain Services

Emergency Plumber Swords is available for all you emergency drain situations. From blocked sinks and toilets to drain repairs and odour investigation, our expert and experienced team can do it all.

Our emergency plumbers will carry out a detailed inspection to find the cause of your drain problem. Our vans are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery so we can carry out the repairs immediately. We know how frustrating drain emergencies can be and the importance of a quick and efficient solution. All repair works carried by Emergency Plumber Swords are fully guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my kitchen sink blocked?

Kitchen sinks are probably the most common household appliance for blockages. This is usually due the build-up of soap, dirt, food waste, and small objects in the drains and pipes.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Signs that your drains are blocked include a foul odour coming from the drain, raised water levels in the sink or appliance, gurgling sounds in the pipes, and slow water drainage.

Can you repair broken or damaged drains?

Absolutely, the expert team here at Emergency Plumber Swords can carry out all kinds of minor and major drain repairs, form cracked pipe replacements to repair of an entire drainage system.

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