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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for call outs?

Emergency Plumber Swords does not charge for call outs. We offer a free quotation to all of our customers before any works are undertaken. This quote is based on an inspection of the problem and the time and materials it will take to repair the issue. Only when the customer is completely happy with the quotation will any works proceed.

What hours are you available?

Emergency Plumber Swords is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know that emergencies can happen at any time so even if it’s the middle of the night you can call us for any emergency, large or small.

What areas of Swords, County Dublin do cover?

We cover all areas of Swords including Kinsealy, Waterside, Holywell, River Valley, Ridgewood, Boroimhe, Swords Manor, Cianlea, Berwick, Abbeylea, Glasmore, St Cronans, Ardcian, Sandford Wood, Castleview, Longview, Brides Glen, Ashton, Thornleigh, St Columcilles, Seatown, Applewood, Glen Ellan, Oaklands, Broadmeadow, Abbeyvale, and Parkview.

Do your provide emergency services in other areas of Dublin

We provide emergency plumbing services in the Fingal area of North County Dublin, such as Lusk, Donabate, Rush, Skerries, and Balbriggan.

How quick can you get here?

Emergency Plumber Swords guarantees a response time of less than one hour. Our average response time around Fingal, North County Dublin is 20 minutes.

How do I know if a pipe is burst?

The most obvious sign of a burst pipe is a leak or rushing water. If the burst pipe is underground then you will not always be able to identify the leak. Some other signs that a pipe has burst include varying water pressure, strong odours, creaking and noisy pipes, and dirty water.

Why do pipes burst?

Cold temperature and frozen water is the main cause of burst pipes. During cold weather, the water in your pipes can freeze, this causes the water to expand and puts pressure on the pipe causing it to crack and burst.


What should I do if a pipe bursts?

The first thing you need to do is turn of the water at the source, even if you don’t know where the water is coming from. This will stop the flow of water spreading throughout your house. Then, no matter what time it is, call Emergency Plumber Swords immediately to inspect and repair the issue.

Why is water leaking through the bedroom ceiling?

In most cases when you have water leaking through a bedroom ceiling the water leak is coming from the attic or roof. It could be the existing pipe-work in the attic or maybe the cold water storage tank has failed and is now leaking.

Why is water leaking through the ceiling in my kitchen?

Water leaking on your kitchen ceiling means that the issue is in the pipework above. It could be the existing pipe-work under the floorboards or in a bathroom have burst causing this water leak.

Why is water over flowing from a pipe at roof level?

When water is overflowing from a pipe just below the roof gutters it is usually the attic tank that’s causing the problem. One of the problems may be that the ballvalve in the attic tank is faulty and requires replacement.

Why is my kitchen sink blocked?

Kitchen sinks are probably the most common household appliance for blockages. This is usually due the build-up of soap, dirt, food waste, and small objects in the drains and pipes.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Signs that your drains are blocked include a foul odour coming from the drain, raised water levels in the sink or appliance, gurgling sounds in the pipes, and slow water drainage.

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