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Blocked Shower

Blocked drains can be a pain at any time of the day or night. Does this scenario sound familiar you have just stepped into you shower first thing in the morning. Turned on your hot shower and after a few seconds warm water is swishing around at your feet.
If you are dealing with this type of blocked shower situation or a related emergency plumbing problem we are available to help.

Why Should I Choose Emergency Plumber Swords?

At Emergency Plumber Swords our policy is not to have a call out charge. We only charge the customer if we carry out any works. This usually takes the form of a time and materials basis. In most cases we would offer a quotation to the customer before any works are undertaken. Only if the customer is happy based on the quotation will works proceed unblocking the shower.
At Emergency Plumber Swords all our plumbers are highly trained to work to the highest quality standards of workmanship. With all our vast plumbing experience, we are capable with dealing even the most complicated of blocked showers or related drain problems that may arise.
When we first arrive at your home our plumbers will always endeavour to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible to unblock your shower. We achieve a first fix rate on average of about 90% on our first call to your home. In order to provide you with a genuine 1 year guarantee on parts and labour, we do not use spurious parts or materials suppliers Davies. We only supply and fit parts and materials recommended by manufactures. This offers all our customers complete of mind that the job has be completed professionally.
We are regularly asked what the most possible causes of a blocked shower are. These in our experience are some of the following, build up of hair soap and general cleaning products. Our motto is that prevention is better than the cure. We would recommend regularly checking your drains and pipe-work for blockages.
There is no drain blockage either too big or too small for our emergency plumbers. Please do not allow a blocked drain to escalate into a bigger problem that may cause damage to your property.

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