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Gully Cleaning

Your drains can become blocked at any time of the year, but gullies are much more prone to get blocked during autumn and winter seasons. Some of the reasons back inlet gullies become blocked are they have to handle more surface water from the back yard or patio area. Other materials such as leaves or other debris that may get washed into them and causing a build-up of silt and dirt. We also find that a gully has become blocked from the cover on same either broken or missing.
A typical back inlet gully trap is generally were the internal plumbing waste pipes from the kitchen sink, dishwasher or washing machine inside the house join into the external sewer system.
Another common reason why gullies become blocked is from the kitchen waste matter going down them. This takes the form grease and fat, each time you wash pot in the kitchen sink a volume of grease and fat residue can enter the gully trap. This is also the case when you wash up using your dishwasher a large volume of soapy water which can contain particles of liquid can enter your back inlet gully trap.
In our experience what usually happens is when particles of fat or liquid grease is flushed into your gully trap it starts to solidify as it mixes with the cold water present in the gully trap. When a large volume of grease solidifies in your gully trap or sewer system that when your drains becomes blocked. When this happens you will start to see your back inlet gully overflowing and same will have to be unblocked.
We have seen cases when the grease solidifies is can literally set like a strong mortar mix particularly when it is combined with fibres from the washing machines. Grease can also accumulate in the hard to reach places such as the outlet of the neck on a gully trap.
Help is at hand, if you are dealing with this type of blocked gully situation or a related emergency plumbing problem we are available to help.

Why Should I Choose Emergency Plumber Swords?

At Emergency Plumber Swords all our plumbers are highly trained to work to the highest quality standards of workmanship. With all our vast plumbing experience, we are capable with dealing even the most complicated of blocked gullies or related drain problems that may arise.
At Emergency Plumber Swords we have no call out fee policy in the local Swords and North County Dublin areas. We have no hidden fees or charges. We only charge the customer if we carry out any works. This usually takes the form of a time and materials basis. In most cases we would offer a quotation to the customer before any works are undertaken. Only if the customer is happy to proceed based on the quotation will works proceed.
There is no drain blockage either too big or too small for our emergency plumbers. Please do not allow a blocked drain to escalate into a much bigger problem that may cause damage to your property.

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