What Causes Water To Flow?

When you see water overflowing from a plumbing pipe, this indicates that you have got a plumbing problem. In my experience the problem may be with one of your existing ball valve. This could be in your existing cold water storage tank in your attic. If this is the case you will notice water overflowing at high level from your overflow pipe. If it’s the case that the problem is with one of your existing ball vales in your toilet cistern. Then you will notice that water is overflowing from your toilet overflow pipe. You may be required to have your existing ball valve replaced.
What is happening is that the existing ball valve has become faulty and is now allowing the water level to rise thus causing the water to flow out of your overflow pipe. The main case of the failure of the ball valve to overflow is that dirt has entered the ball valve and stopped the vale from closing of the supply of water at the correct level.

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If you are dealing with any plumbing services related issue as listed below please do not hesitate to contact us today:

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