Burst Water Tanks

Do you have a metal steel type water storage tank still present in your attic? You should immediately have it replaced; it will give you no warning before they burst.
If you’re domestic cold water storage tank is one of the old galvanized steel types it may be suffering from corrosion or rust. Under your current insurance policy you may not be covered if the water tank bursts on flood your home. Some insurance companies have this clause written into their policy document as standard procedure. Please now check the domestic cold water storage in your attic and reduce the risk of your home being flooded.
The water capacity of your existing storage water tank can hold in excess of 200 litres or 50 gallons in the smallest of tanks. If for some reason your water tank may fracture and leak there is going to be a serious amount of uncontrollable water flowing into you ceilings.

Domestic Water Tank Replacements

All types of domestic cold water storage tank replacements are now available. If you now have a plumbing emergency where you’re domestic cold water storage tank is now leaking, we provide an on the spot replacement service contact Kevin Farrelly mobile on 085 116 2474 for immediate response and assistance.
It is also very important your domestic cold water storage new or existing is contamination free. It must also be protected in the winter months from very low weather temperatures and frost damage. Thus reducing the risk of your home being complete flooded.